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Loads can be moved in two ways by helicopters used for transportation. However, because of the requirement to build up a safe flight route that avoids residential areas and substantial infrastructure, this mode of transport is advised for moving freight over small distances. Sometimes a helicopter might get strangled or deteriorate suddenly. Thus, helicopter sling operations are carried out during such situations, with the most notable being MI 17.


What is MI17?

The Mi-17, a specialized armed version of the helicopter, features more powerful engines. . In fact,  MI17 is one of the world's most advanced transport helicopters, capable of transporting cargo within the cabin and on an exterior sling. The Mi-17 may be outfitted with window-mounted 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm trainable machine guns. The Mi-17 has superior high altitude and overall performance. This helicopter features better armor, systems, and an anti-torque rotor. It has a payload capacity of 5000 kg and can transport 30 passengers. The helicopter is mostly utilized for troop and weapon transfers, firefighting, convoy escort, patrol, and search and rescue operations. 



Shree Airlines and MI17 Helicopter

Shree Airlines is now the largest operator of Mi-17 helicopters in South East Asia. Shree is the only airline from Nepal and South-East Asia to get a spot on the list of certified vendors for the UN and World Food Program. Shree has been operating the “Sling operation” for smaller helicopters that are stuck in places due to various barriers.

Let’s look into 3 major sling operations by MI-17 of Shree Airlines.



Heli Rescued by Gosaikunda

Shree also conducted a successful rescue mission to Gosaikunda, a breathtakingly gorgeous location, on August 16, 2017. The dangerous 14,000+ feet altitude of Gosaikunda made this journey much more arduous. 



Rescuing Helicopter from Hilsa

Shree Airlines performed a Sling Operation on November 25, 2018. Shree's professionals did their best to complete this operation for AS350 B3e '9N-AMV" Helicopter on Manang Air. The helicopter was airlifted from Hilsa to Simikot, then to Bajura, and lastly to Nepalgunj for maintenance. Shree Airlines dispatched its Russian-made '9N-AHT' MI17 chopper on the special request of airlines



Taking Helicopter from Lukla to Kathmandu

Shree Airlines successfully executed a "Sling Operation" in the first month of 2019, rescuing a damaged helicopter from Lukla to Kathmandu for maintenance. Because the operation could only be carried out by a helicopter capable of flying at greater altitudes, Shree Airlines promptly despatched its Russian MI-17 helicopter.



What Makes Shree More Special Airlines?

The condition of Airlines in Nepal is getting to the north, bringing better technology, better services, and happy customers. Among various domestic airlines in Nepal, Shree Airlines provides the best service with the highest level of security for your air travel. Moreover, Shree Airlines aspires to offer the most incredible flight experience. Along with this, we provide helicopter charter service in Nepal, as well as rescue flights with our MI17 chopper.


If you are looking for the Best Domestic Airlines in Nepal, the first option would be Shree Airlines. You can book online air tickets in Nepal using our website or other international apps or websites. Think of the best airline company in Nepal, Remember Shree Airlines, because we offer the most prudent and memorable air travel experience. 


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