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Experience the new generation of flying

Nepal’s domestic skies have stepped up to a new high in aviation technology. Shree Airlines launches a fleet of Mach.8 jet aircraft with the promise of bringing in greater levels of flying efficiencies. The company that already operates helicopters has now expanded into passenger services. Its fleet of new generation Bombardier CRJ 200 and CRJ 700 aircraft, made in Canada, introduce environmentally responsible technologies and the assurance of an incredible flight experience with unmatched safety inside its quiet, comfortable and luxurious interior.


Get to your destination in half the time with our turbo jet engines.

In a world that values time, we know how every minute is precious to you. Travel faster on our Canadian made Bombardier CRJ aircraft cruising at speeds between 790 km/h and 860 km/h. Shree Airlines touches down at every destination in Nepal in surprisingly faster time than you have ever known before.


Throw away the cotton balls.

For those who are constantly on the move, you can reward yourselves with some well-deserved peace and tranquility. Once inside a Shree Airlines aircraft you can allow yourself to relax in the comfort of our noiseless cabins. Replace the traditional cotton ball with speakers in your ears and instead listen to the sound of music. Come on-board Shree Airlines and enjoy the high of a new and silent flying experience.


Stretch out and relax in our spacious interiors.

Experience the comfort of being able to stretch out and relax aboard Shree Airlines. Allow our bigger seats and larger legroom to embrace you as you take in the taller ceilings and feel more at home than any other aircraft in Nepal. Seated aboard our aircraft feel yourself soar upwards and sail through the skies inside a smooth and silent cabin.


Nepal's only airline on the approved vendor list of the UN Peacekeeping force and World Food Program.

When you step into our CRJ 200 and CRJ 700 aircraft, you will know that you have step into a whole new level of safety. Be secure in the knowledge that we meet the highest international aviation standards with world class certification. Our extensive experience in flying our fleet of chartered helicopters, have earned us the reputation of being Nepal’s only brand on the approved list of the United Nations. Let this translate into a confident flying experience under the supervision of highly trained technical and cabin staff, ensuring that you are in the best hands.


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This fare is applicable only to Foreigners living in Nepal on a NON TOURIST VISA which was issued at least six months prior to the date of travel. Passport/Visa will be verified at check in. Without verification boarding will be denied OR you will be required to pay fare difference.