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Some people meditate, some people exercise, while some travel to escape from the monotonous life. Traveling these days is like therapy, and expressing your experience of the therapy has become essential. For the expressing task, people use Social media. Furthermore, they intend to write an absolutely amazing caption that conveys their travel experience. 

To help you out on writing amazing air travel captions, we have come up with 5 amazing and meaningful Instagram Captions.

Let's get started!!


  • Sorry was busy discovering the world of clouds with @airline you are traveling with

So, if you just captured the floating clouds and want the people to know or see how good the view is up there, then you should definitely use this caption. Also, it would be like a gesture to show the state of being lost in travel-adventure and not able to make time for people.


  • Life is like a runway where taking off with confidence & landing back with humbleness.

To make it big in life is not an easy task. You must embark on new tasks with unshakeable confidence. With confidence, you achieve success, but your humbleness matters after reaching the peak of your success. You can use this caption to talk about your travels and inspire people to become down-to-earth.


  • Let your autopilot called the subconscious mind, take time to grasp the things you want and let the magic happen.

Your subconscious mind is an inbuilt autopilot. Preparing your subconscious mind can help you to attract and achieve your desired things. This will take time but will take place and bring a better life to you. You can connect the concept of autopilot, and the subconscious mind in the caption can also motivate your followers.


  • Upgrade to business class in terms of your thoughts, skills, abilities, and approach to humanity.

Business Class offers additional luxurious services, including baggage allowance, lounge, fine dining, amenities & facilities, etc. But, it's not just about flights to upgrade; rather, you should also upgrade your skills, capacity, and urge to contribute to humanity to make your life meaningful. 


  • Aviation is a well-crafted art and I am a serious art lover.

Well, if you get excited about going to the airport, taking a picture with it, seriously love take-off and landing or visit aviation museums or online sites, then you are an aviation lover. So, to portray your love for aviation, you can use this caption for sure.


  • I love the mess and rush of the turbulence rather than the calmness that brings no upgrades or adventure. 

Turbulence is a violent or unstable movement of air, water, or another fluid. Whether in an airplane or life, having turbulence is necessary so that you can have an adventure. Life without adventure just is living rather than Living The Right Way. You can use this caption to talk about adventure in life.


  • Streamlined body with majestic wings, This sight makes me go, "Wowza".

Airplanes are streamlined to minimize friction with the air while their wings/airfoil have a curved top and a flat bottom. The airplane's amazing feature symbolizes motivation and direction. Such, enormous structure also reflects beauty and aspirations to soar. To signify your amusement for planes, you can use this caption. 


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