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Are you thinking of paying a visit to Biratnagar- A city full of surprises? Are you unsure which Airlines to take for a flight to Biratnagar? Well, do not worry, we have got you covered. Shree Airlines- A leading domestic airline in Nepal will take you on its wings to land you in Biratnagar. 


Table of Contents

Biratnagar - The Fifth Largest City of Nepal

Is Shree Airlines worth it for your travel to Biratnagar?

How to book a flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar on Shree Airlines?


Biratnagar - The Fifth Largest City of Nepal

Situated in the Morang district of Terai, Biratnagar is the capital city of Province No. 1 in Nepal. 

The fifth largest city of Nepal is also known as the “City of Rickshaw,” as it has more Rickshaws than any city in Nepal. In Nepali, the word “Birat” means colossal and “Nagar '' means a city, and it is said that the name “Biratnagar” was given to this city in respect to King Birat. A city with people of diverse communities and cultures, and traditions, Biratnagar can give you a colorful experience of a lifetime. Biratnagar is a center for major industries and an important transit point for goods leaving and entering India through the border. The city is popular for its Jute Mills, known for its religiously significant destinations and, of course, its industries!


Is Shree Airlines worth it for your travel to Biratnagar?

Biratnagar is one of the must-visit destinations in Nepal. And to visit this city, you need a safer voyage that’s worth your time and money. And there is no better air-transport service provider in Nepal than Shree Airlines. Moreover, Shree Airlines is absolutely worth it for your travel to Biratnagar because of the following reasons:

  • At Shree Airlines, the customers are well-taken care of- Right from the moment of contact to the departure.
  • Upon choosing Online Airline Ticket Booking in Nepal via Shree Airlines website and apps, you can relish cashback and offers upon making.
  • Easy, quick and prompt booking of the ticket.
  • We accept payments from various verified payment modes.
  • We offer excellent hospitality outside and in-flight services.

How to book a flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar on Shree Airlines?


You can easily book a Kathmandu to Biratnagar flight through the Shree Airlines Website or the Shree Airlines App. Shree Airlines website can enable you to book the flights in the following steps:


Step 1: Visit the Shree Airlines Website.

Step 2: Log in with your credentials.

Step 2: On the left side of the screen, click on “Book Flights.”

Step 3: Select your flight type; “One Way,” or “Round Trip.”

Step 4: Fill in the details of Boarding as Kathmandu and Destination as Biratnagar.

Step 5: Fill in your nationality and departure date.

Step 6: Proceed by clicking on “Search flights.”

Step 7: Select your preferred flight class; B class, I class or H class.

Step 8: Click on the “Continue” button.

Step 9: Select your preferred mode of payment and proceed.

Step 10: Your ticket to Biratnagar is booked.


You can also complete the flight booking through Shree Airlines App.

 [ Download the Shree Airlines App for iOS ]

You can contact us anytime for further queries.


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This fare is applicable only to Foreigners living in Nepal on a NON TOURIST VISA which was issued at least six months prior to the date of travel. Passport/Visa will be verified at check in. Without verification boarding will be denied OR you will be required to pay fare difference.