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With the rise of the internet, everything is at the convenience of smartphones. Whether online shopping, registration, or even booking an online flight ticket to fly to your destination, all it takes is a couple of taps on your screen. Let's read the blog to discover the advantages and procedures of online airline ticket booking in Nepal.

Table of Contents


    What is an Airlines Flight Ticket?
    Paper Tickets vs Online Tickets
     The Final Verdict
     Get Easy Online Airline Ticket Booking in Nepal with Shree Airlines

What is an Airlines Flight Ticket?


An airline ticket is a must-have document that a traveler receives from an airline company or travel agency as proof that they have paid for a seat on a flight. Whenever you're going for a flight, there are two tickets you'll come across; Paper tickets and Online tickets. Paper flight tickets, the traditional form of flight tickets, are flight coupons in paper form containing exact flight information. However, an online flight ticket is an electronic or online ticket that you've booked online, after which you receive a copy of the itinerary and the contract of carriage, which indicate your online ticket.


Paper Tickets vs Online Tickets


Paper tickets can serve you greatly to easily switch flights in case of flight cancellation caused by multiple factors. International Airlines often require you to have a paper ticket to mark the proof of return. But if you look closely, paper tickets involve a lot of time and security concerns. First, you must be physically present at the ticket counter to purchase your ticket. You have to make sure that the ticket is safe because if it is lost, then there is no way you can fly to the destination. Additionally, if you forget to take the paper ticket at the airport, you might have to pay an extra fee, buy another ticket, or again not travel at all.

Contrary to Paper tickets, an online ticket can be purchased online just from anywhere. Online ticket keeps away your worry of the ticket being lost, stolen, or forgotten because even if you fail to bring the document sent by the airline, you can reprint it again. This is the biggest USP of online tickets.


The Final Verdict


Online airline tickets are undoubtedly here to stay. Major International airlines are moving forward with this ticketing and evolving toward a "self-service model" in which customers handle all aspects of their research, booking, purchasing, checking in, and boarding. Considering the security, flexibility, cost, and convenience offered by an online ticket, it is safe to say that more than paper tickets, online tickets can give airlines and passengers a huge advantage. So the next time you book a flight ticket in Nepal, you know which one to go for.


Get Easy Online Airline Ticket Booking in Nepal with Shree Airlines


Shree Airlines is the leading airline in Nepal, offering a diverse range of flight options backed up by comfort-rich flight experience, highly safe and secure flights, and outstanding customer service. For an easy, comfortable and safe flight, you can book your Online Airline Ticket Booking in Nepal through the Shree Airlines Website or the Shree Airlines App. 


Get an easy online airline ticket booking with Shree Airlines in the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the Shree Airlines Website.

Step 2: Log in with your credentials.

Step 2: On the left side of the screen, click on “Book Flights.”

Step 3: Select your flight type; “One Way,” “Round Trip,” or “Mountain Flight.”

Step 4: Fill in the details of your Boarding and Destination.

Step 5: Fill in your nationality and departure date.

Step 6: Proceed by clicking on “Search flights.”

Step 7: Select your preferred flight class; B class, I class or H class.

Step 8: Click on the “Continue” button.

Step 9: Select your preferred mode of payment and proceed.

Step 10: Your ticket for the flight is booked.


You can also complete Online Airline ticket booking through the Shree Airlines App.

 [ Download the Shree Airlines App for iOS ]

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us anytime.


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This fare is applicable only to Foreigners living in Nepal on a NON TOURIST VISA which was issued at least six months prior to the date of travel. Passport/Visa will be verified at check in. Without verification boarding will be denied OR you will be required to pay fare difference.