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Shree Airlines is one of the safest airlines in Nepal, which has grown in reputation, recognition and trust for all good reasons over the past years. Moreover, it has emerged as the top option for customers looking for comfortable, affordable, pleasant travel experience and above all, seeking safest air travel in Nepal. In this blog post, we will delve into why Shree Airlines is considered one of the safest airlines in Nepal.


Table of Contents

5 reasons why Shree Airlines is the Safest Airlines in Nepal

  • Strong and Commendable Safety
  • Excellent Engine Performance of Aircrafts
  • High-Quality Aircrafts
  • Training and guidance for its crew members and pilots
  • Always keeping an eye on and investing in cutting-edge technology

The Final Verdict


5 reasons why Shree Airlines is the Safest Airlines in Nepal

Shree Airlines is known for its reliable and efficient domestic airlines in Nepal. The airline operates a fleet of well-maintained aircraft and employs experienced pilots and crew. Let us look into the 5 reasons why Shree Airlines is the safest airline in Nepal. Shall we?


Strong and Commendable Safety

Shree Airlines prides itself on its commendable safety record. Shree Airlines is using the world renowned Aerodata Inc. Inc. for aircraft performance software to optimize safe operation of the aircraft. The airline's unwavering dedication to safety is evident because it has never experienced significant mishaps or accidents. In case of engine failure after take off, the aircraft can easily achieve the required climb gradient as prescribed in AIP, Nepal which means the aircraft can easily reach the necessary safe altitude with the single engine in all the airports including Kathmandu, Pokhara, Tumlingtar, Surkhet and Bharatpur. Shree Airlines emphasizes adhering to safety rules and procedures, which are continually evaluated and updated. The airline also has a robust safety management system (SMS) that identifies and reduces risks before they result in mishaps or accidents.


Excellent Engine Performance of Aircrafts

Shree Airlines' aircraft provide optimal safety with powerful engine performance. The company's Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 aircraft can maintain an altitude of 17,500 ft in single-engine conditions, which satisfies the MEA (Minimum Enroute Altitude) requirement. Furthermore, each engine has 5071 Shaft Horsepower (SHP) compared to other turboprops which have 2500 Shaft Horsepower (SHP) per engine, ensuring a reliable operation. Additionally, the PW150A engine of Q400 used in Shree Airlines' fleet is twice as efficient and powerful as other engines in the same category, ensuring high performance and safety. The significant part of the aircraft at Shree Airlines is that its single-engine ceiling of 17500 ft is enough to clear all terrain and obstacles compared to other same-category turboprops, which have a single-engine ceiling of 11000 ft. Hence, Shree Airlines' commitment to safety and advanced technology is easily depicted in the high-performance engine.


High-Quality Aircrafts

The high quality of Shree Airlines' fleet of aircraft is a crucial element that enhances safety. The airline has a fleet of up-to-date, well-maintained 8 aircrafts (2 Bombardier CRJ200ER, 2 Bombardier CRJ700 and 4 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400) that are routinely checked and inspected to keep them in excellent working order and always ready to take off. This reduces the possibility of mechanical problems or malfunctions occurring while the aircraft is in flight and guarantees that the newest safety measures are installed. The airline also has a tough maintenance schedule that includes frequent checks and inspections to ensure the aircraft is up to date with safety regulations.


Training and guidance for its crew members and pilots

For its pilots and staff, Shree Airlines places a high priority on training and education. The airline's pilots regularly train and are recertified to ensure they know the most current safety practices. This includes theoretical and practical training, helping to guarantee that only highly qualified and trained pilots fly all of the airline's flights. Additionally, flight attendants regularly undergo safety training covering emergency responses and numerous emergency scenarios.


Always keeping an eye on and investing in cutting-edge technology

Shree Airlines constantly monitors its safety and makes investments in cutting-edge technology. To reduce the chance of accidents, the airline has deployed innovative and efficient technology  which gives pilots real-time information on the whereabouts of other aircraft nearby. Additionally, the airline has a comprehensive weather monitoring system that enables pilots to decide on flight plans depending on current weather conditions.


The Final Verdict

As a result of its good safety record, well-maintained aircraft and well-trained pilots and crew, Shree Airlines is regarded as one of the safest airlines in Nepal. The airline is a popular option for tourists in Nepal since it continues to put the safety of its customers and employees above all else. The airline has continuously excelled in all safety audits, which the authorities conduct on a regular basis. All aspects of the company's operations reflect its safety-first philosophy, and it is this dedication to safety that distinguishes it from all the other airlines in Nepal.

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