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Introduction to Biratnagar


Biratnagar is the 2nd largest city in nepal. It is a major metropolitan city closer to the Indian border. Both the famous Kali Mandir, which is of vital religious significance to Hinduism in the country, and the Jute Mills, the first significant large-scale enterprise in Nepal, are located in Biratnagar. 

   The city, which has the name of King Virat, acts as a gateway to a number of locations in Eastern Nepal, including Baraha Chhetra and Ilam. In several parts of Biratnagar, crowded weekly markets are held where spices and handicrafts are sold which makes them a popular destination for tourists.

The area includes some distinctive wildlife reserves, such as Koshi Tappu, which is ideal for many bird lovers. You can explore nearby tourist attractions like Ilam, which is home to one of the most beautiful tea gardens. You can visit Kali Mandir to calm your spiritual senses. This will give you plenty of time to relax and liberate you.


Top 5 Best Destinations in Biratnagar 


Koshi River

We worship rivers in our country because they are regarded as highly holy places. Hindus think that taking a river bath can help them reach heaven. This is why thousands of people travel to the Koshi during religious occasions.We can get fish, crocodiles, turtles, and various kinds of food from it. Dolphins are occasionally seen during the winter months. Additionally, it helps with land cultivation. Electricity is also generated by the Koshi River. 


Biratnagar Jute mills

The Juddha Shamsher Minister ordered the establishment of the jute mill in 1936. It is Nepal's most well-known jute mill. The oldest and most well-known mall is the Biratnagar jute mill. It is situated in Biratpur. It is Nepal's first officially recognized mill. In Nepal, it is renowned for being a very old firm.


Baraha Chhetra

Baraha Chhetra is the greatest hindu pilgrimage in nepal. It is the location where Hiranyakashyap, a demon, was killed by Lord Bishnu's avatar, Barah, a boar in animal form. The temple is decorated with beautiful images of the boar, and the shrine is devoted to the reincarnation Barah. The shrine is situated where the powerful Saptakoshi and Koka Rivers unite. The location's big attraction is its lovely surroundings and tranquil atmosphere.


Forests of Tinjure, Milke and Jaljale

If you enjoy serenity and nature, you must explore the forests of Tinjure, Milke, and Jaljale.When the rhododendron plants start to bloom in these forests, you will see something stunning and magnificent.The TMJ path, which offers views of the Everest and Kanchanjunga mountains, is one of this site's main attractions.


Haat Bazaar

The second-largest city in Nepal is home to a number of industries, agricultural areas, tourist attractions, and commercial areas.Many fresh products are available, including fruits and vegetables. Because small-scale farmers have such a great opportunity to make a living here, this location is also regarded as being of cultural value. The Haat Bazaar also features a number of small vendor stores where you may shop for gifts or eat some local cuisine.


Why do people fly to Biratnagar?


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