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Shree Airlines soars high above the rest as one of the best domestic airlines in Nepal. Renowned for its exceptional customer service, this airline goes above and beyond to ensure every passenger's smooth and comfortable journey. What makes Shree Airlines truly outstanding? Let's unlock why you should trust Shree Airlines to take you on your next journey.


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  Shree Airlines: The best airline in Nepal for your next journey     

  Why Shree Airlines?

     Exceptional Safety

     Flexible Flight Schedules 2

     Enrich your flight experience 2

     Affordable and Sustainable Travel 2

    Outstanding Customer Service 2

  Book Your Fight With Shree Airlines Now 3


Shree Airlines: The best airline in Nepal for your next journey

Shree Airlines, the leading airline in Nepal, founded in 1999, offers a wide range of services, including passenger flights, cargo transportation, and helicopter services. It connects various cities within Nepal and operates flights to India. One of the critical aspects of the airline is its modern fleet, which includes various types of aircraft catering to different travel requirements. The Bombardier CRJ200 is suitable for short-haul flights, while the Airbus A320 is best for longer journeys. Furthermore, Shree Airlines provides helicopter services for medical evacuations, search and rescue operations, and sightseeing tours. The airline has highly trained pilots and modern equipment, ensuring the safety and efficiency of its services. In its entirety, Shree Airlines is committed to providing the best possible experience for its customers. 


Why Shree Airlines?

Let us dive into the reasons that set Shree Airlines apart from all the other airlines!


Exceptional Safety

At Shree Airlines, the safety of our passengers is of utmost priority. We have been able to establish an excellent safety record through our commitment to maintaining a team of highly experienced pilots and a modern fleet of aircraft that is regularly and meticulously maintained to the highest industry standards. Furthermore, we are dedicated to training and equipping our staff with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide a safe and comfortable flying experience for all our passengers.


Flexible Flight Schedules

Shree Airlines offers a range of convenient flight schedules designed to meet the needs of all passengers, whether you're traveling for business or leisure. With flights to all major domestic destinations in Nepal, including Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bhairahawa, Biratnagar, and Nepalgunj, you can easily find a flight that fits your schedule.


Enrich your flight experience

With Shree Airlines, you can prepare for a comfortable and relaxing journey! Committed to providing the passengers with an exceptional in-flight experience, Shree Airline's modern fleet of aircraft is designed with the passenger's comfort in mind, with comfortable seats and spacious legroom, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. Additionally, we offer complimentary snacks and beverages on all flights to refresh you during your journey.


Affordable and Sustainable Travel

At Shree Airlines, we are dedicated to making travel accessible and environmentally responsible. We offer competitive pricing for all our flights, with various fare classes to suit different budgets. Additionally, we regularly run promotions and discounts to make our flights even more affordable. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and have taken steps to promote sustainability. For example, we operate a fuel-efficient fleet of aircraft and implement various measures to minimize our environmental impact. By choosing Shree Airlines, you can enjoy affordable and sustainable travel options.


Outstanding Customer Service

Shree Airlines takes pride in its commitment to providing exceptional customer service. From the moment you step into the airport until the end of your journey, the airline's dedicated team of professionals ensures a comfortable and stress-free experience. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide any assistance you need, whether check-in, baggage, or in-flight services. Plus, we have a 24/7 customer service team to promptly address any questions or concerns. Day or night, our team is available to answer any concerns you may have, and we'll do our best to resolve any issues promptly and efficiently.


Book Your Fight With Shree Airlines Now

Welcome aboard!

Whether you're a first-time flier or a seasoned traveler, Shree Airlines can be the best airline in Nepal to make your journey a comfortable and enjoyable experience. With our exceptional commitment to safety, quality, comfort and customer service, you can trust that you're in good hands when you choose to fly with Shree Airlines.

So, book your flight today and experience the convenience and comfort of flying with Shree Airlines!


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This fare is applicable only to Foreigners living in Nepal on a NON TOURIST VISA which was issued at least six months prior to the date of travel. Passport/Visa will be verified at check in. Without verification boarding will be denied OR you will be required to pay fare difference.