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Dhangadhi is one of the major tourist destinations in Far West Nepal. Its neighbors include the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in the south, the municipalities of Godavari and Gauriganga in the north, Kailari Rural Municipality in the east, and the district of Kanchanpur in the west. There are 19 wards in the sub-metropolis of Dhangadhi. With roughly 147,181, it ranks as Nepal's tenth-largest city. Together with Bhimdatta, it is one of the largest cities in the Far-West Province, covering an area of 261.75 km2 (101.06 sq mi).


The city experiences a summer temperature range of 26 to 37 degrees Celsius and a winter range of 12 to 21 degrees Celsius. The quickest way to reach Dhangadhi is by air, with a flight from Kathmandu taking 1 hour and 15 minutes to cover the distance of 483 km. Also, you can  explore the famous places in Dhangadhi listed below.


5 Best Places to visit in Dhangadhi 


Shuklaphanta National Park

The Shuklaphanta National Park is home to numerous other species, such as elephants, crocodiles, tigers, and roaming birds. It was a popular hunting spot for the Nepalese Royalty; now, it is a protected area. Even though you can no longer relish hunting, you can still take in the spectacular beauty of the forest.


Jakhor Lake

One of Dhangadhi's most popular tourist and picnic spots is Jakhor Lake. The Lake is also known as Dewariya. The area of the Lake makes it excellent for gatherings, get-togethers, picnics, and other activities. For all types of travelers, the botanical garden inside the lake region is the most breathtakingly stunning location because everyone relishes being in nature. 


Bird Watching at Mohana River Corridor

In Dhangadhi, you can go bird viewing as well. The Mohana river corridor is alive with floating activity throughout the winter. Here, one may see about 100 different indigenous and roaming bird species. Early morning, between 6 to 7 am, is the most fantastic time to take pictures of birds because this is when they are most happening. To get here, all you need to do is walk or ride a bike.


Dhangadhi Bazar

An excellent spot to see indigenous Nepalese culture and lifestyle is Dhangadhi Bazar. Some locally produced goods made in Nepal are available for buy. You can shop for affordable food, clothing, woolens, electronics, showpieces, etc. You can encounter people-watching if shopping is unlike your thing. It is a bustling market that gets extremely packed and crowded during prime times. You can use a shared rickshaw to bring about the Dhangadhi Bazar.


Shivpuri Dham 

Shivpuri Dham in far western Nepal is a significant place of worship for travelers in Uttar Behadi. The site's primary attraction is not only spiritually powerful but also extremely pleasant. Shivling, 108 feet tall, has been erected in a friendly jungle. This is considered the sole Shivling in all of South Asia that is this tall. The Jyotirlinga, Tulsi monastery, Gaumukhi stream, the Nepal Mother's Temple of Suryanarayan, the Ganesh Temple, the Muktinath Temple, the Durga Temple, and the Ugratara Temple are all supposed to be part of the religious heritage of Shivpuri Dham. 


Why do people travel to Dhangadhi?

    Traveling comes with a different purpose, be it for work or personal. But you can take the full opportunity to explore the beautiful places of Dhangadhi. You can travel to Dhangadhi via different services, but the easiest and most convenient way to reach Dhangadhi is via airways. And here, choosing the right airlines would be efficient for safe and comfortable travel. Shree Airlines commitment to providing excellent customer service has contributed to its success. On board Shree Airlines, you can enjoy the comfort of having room and feel more at home than any other aircraft in Nepal with our excellent seats. Sitting inside Shree Airlines, you will experience a smooth, silent ride over the skies as you soar upward. Moreover, all service classes' in-flight menus include wholesome meals made by a team of chefs. Notably, the airline's entertainment system offers a wide variety of movies, songs, and games to all customers.

So, travel confidently while being watched after by highly qualified technical and cabin crew, giving you the peace of mind that you are in good hands with Shree Airlines Nepal, the best airlines in Nepal.

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